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Alex Chadwick and Carl Pillitteri
Alex Chadwick and Carl Pillitteri


The partnership between The Story and Burn: An Energy Journal broke news and earned honors in 2012.

Producer Cori Princell was among those recognized for her work by the 2012 American Association for Advancement of Science Kavli Science Journalism Award for the hour-long special from Burn, "Particles: Nuclear Power After Fukushima". 

The Story aired an exclusive extended interview with the nuclear technician featured in the special, an American who found himself inside a Fukushima reactor at the time of the earthquake

BURN: An Energy Journal is a radio program from SoundVision Productions  and American Public Media.

Over the years, the Story won a number of other national awards.

A series of reports from Iraq, Ahmed’s Diary, was honored by the United Nations. The Story has been awarded a Harry Chapin Media Award, as well as multiple honors from the National Association of Black Journalists.

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Ahmed's Artwork


Ahmed Fadaam is a regular contributor to the program. His audio diary has won a number of awards. Prior to the war in Iraq, Ahmed was a professor of Fine Arts. Here he is, doing the work he loves.