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Director Carol Jackson listens to Dick conduct an interview.
William Ferris


Why did Dick Gordon leave the program?

In 2013, Dick Gordon decided to return to his native Canada to be closer to family. On the last day the program aired locally in North Carolina, Dick talked with WUNC's Eric Hodge about his decision.

Why did The Story not continue with another host?

“We were proud to have been able to produce ‘The Story’ for so long. Stories and voices were heard that would never have been heard before, and Dick’s compelling interviews were shared with listeners across the nation,”  said WUNC/North Carolina Public Radio's President and General Manager Connie Walker. “The program was designed around Dick’s unique skills and personality, so after much consideration, we have decided not to continue to produce it.  We wish Dick the very best and thank our listeners, underwriters and stations that supported and carried the program over the years.”

Where did you get your stories?

Everywhere. Producers were constantly thinking about people and stories that would be good for the show. We read a lot: newspapers, blogs, magazines, listener e-mails, and we listened a lot; to the radio, to people we meet. Once we had a solid idea, or a potential guest, we "pitched" to the group.  Then we refined the idea and gave the go-ahead.

Can I hear the program on the web?

While The Story is no longer broadcast on the radio, you can listen back through many years of archived stories. 

Where were your studios?

We were located in Chapel Hill, NC, at WUNC/North Carolina Public Radio.

What was your “theme” music?

The first segment of the show often ended with "Lookout for Hope,” performed by Jerry Douglas and written by Bill Frisell, from the album “Lookout for Hope”.

The end of the show was usually “Parchman Blues,” performed by Tangle Eye, from the album “Tangle Eye: Alan Lomax’s Southern Journey Remixed”.