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Dick Gordon
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Dick Gordon


Dick Gordon’s reporting has taken him around the world from South Africa to India, and Moscow to Iraq - not to mention much of his native Canada where he worked as a reporter for the CBC. When people ask why he started The Story, Dick remembers a train trip he took through the former Soviet Union. On his way to interview a government official, Dick walked the train aisles and spoke to passengers. One by one, he heard their stories, and he realized that what they had to say was way more interesting and illuminating than any interview with any politician. It was a seed, and he tucked it away.

Dick grew up in Port Hope Ontario, and attended Kent School in Connecticut. He studied English and Film Studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, and then went to northern Canada with the CBC.  One of his favorite stories is about a telephone lineman, riding his snowmobile to the top of a mountain to make repairs in the middle of a winter storm. The man didn’t notice the bull moose straddling the trail until it was too late…and he drove underneath the animal, just nicking the beast’s belly with his windshield. The man told the story so well, that Dick realized the best move was simply to get out of his way and let him tell it. Another lesson.   

Dick landed at The Connection in Boston in 2001, as host of the daily call-in show. In 2003, Dick took the show to Baghdad to connect Iraqis with Americans . When The Connection folded, Dick was sought out by a passionate group of WUNC listeners who brought him to North Carolina and asked him to design a new show.  The Story debuted in 2006, and worked to find people whose experiences illuminate the news, showcasing the power of stories. In November 2013, Dick returned home to Canada and The Story went off the air.