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Man with arms raised at podium
Exonerees celebrate at the Innocence Network Conference, Charlotte NC, 2013
Sameer Abdel Khalek

After Innocence: Exoneration in America

Sedrick Courtney served 15 years in prison for robbery before DNA cleared his name. “When I left I had babies” he says, “and when I got home, my babies had babies..so I missed a lot.”

More than 1,000 American men and women have been freed from wrongful imprisonment since 1989. Every year, thousands more attempt to have their cases reconsidered.

Next week, Dick Gordon will talk with people who have been exonerated after losing decades behind bars.

Gloria Killian was framed for murder and spent 16 years in prison.

Jennifer Thompson's misidentification sent an innocent man to prison.

Scott Hornoff was a police officer before he was wrongly convicted of murder.

Also: Huy Dao. Huy has worked at the Innocence Project for 16 years. As the intake coordinator, it's his job to decide which cases are selected for review.

And: Ten original videos in which exonerees tell their stories.

All next week, on The Story.

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