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[PHOTOS] Witnessing The Moore Tornado From Air And Ground


Photographer Alonzo Adams hadn’t been following the storm that would devastate Moore, Okla. on May 20. Then he noticed a small disturbance on the radar. "Within minutes it went from a little speck to a full blown thunderstorm," he says, "and [within] a couple of more minutes it started rotating."


Alonzo Adams
Adams captured this image of the tornado advancing on a subdivision in Moore, Okla., on May 20. The tornado was an F4 or F5, close to a mile wide, with winds of 200 mph.


Alonzo Adams
“When I pressed the shutter on the camera I just knew that (the tornado) was destroying lives, families and creating chaos,” Adams says.


Alonzo Adams
Adams captured this image at the entrance to Moore Medical Center. "All the cars from the parking lot were just thrown right into the front entry,” he says. “It was a massive pile of cars sitting right at the front door. And that will stick with me forever."
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