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A Soldier's Sketchbook


Dick talks with artist and New Yorker cartoonist Joe Farris about his book "A Soldier's Sketchbook: From the Front Lines of World War II"


It rained continuously the first month Joe was on the front line. The soldiers continually bailed the foxholes with their helmets. In this image, drawn Nov. 7, 1944, Joe depicts himself sitting in the foxhole, in the rain, on his helmet.


This image is from Joe's first major battle, the capture of Hill 578 near the commune of Bitche in northeastern France. Joe's Lieutenant, Lt. Gray, was the company's first killed in action. Joe drew the picture shortly after leaving the front lines for rest. By the end of the War, Joe says there were only three men in his company who were not killed, wounded or captured.


Joe drew this picture of his company's push for the Maginot Line in December 1944.
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