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Damon Thibodeaux

Damon Thibodeaux was wrongfully convicted of murdering a female teenager when he was 22 years old. He spent 15 years on death row before he was finally exonerated. 

John Thompson

John Thompson  lived 14 years of his life on death row an innocent man. He watched 12 other men leave and never come back. Thompson was exonerated just before his final execution date. 

[PHOTOS] The Exonerees


All this week Dick Gordon talks with men and women who were exonerated after a wrongful conviction.Meet some of his guests.


After Innocence: Exoneration In America

“I realized that I was going to be executed for crimes I didn’t commit.” Stories of men and women exonerated after a wrongful conviction. On the radio June 10-13, 2013.

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