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January 29, 2007

Common Ground In Darfur


Today, members of the African Union started a meeting in Ethiopia. One of the main issues to discuss is Sudan.

After years of fighting in Darfur, aid organizations there say humanitarian operations are on the verge of breakdown. In fact, earlier today, one French aid group said it was suspending all of its work in Darfur indefinitely, saying that the risks to its own people outweighed any good they were doing. Another agency, the American Refugee Committee, recently pulled all of its foreign workers out of certain areas. 

Ask anyone who has been to Darfur, and they will tell you this latest trouble delivering aid comes at a time when people who live there need it most.  

Today, Dick Gordon talks with Alex Erolin, the Global Security Coordinator for the American Refugee Committee. It is Alex's job to make sure it is safe enough for his staff to bring medicine and basic supplies to people. Alex recently returned from Darfur. 

Dick also talks to ARC's Regional Manager for East African and Pakistan programs, Jerry Farrell, about his stories from two years of living and working in one of the most dangerous places on earth.


The story that changed the course of Peter Reynold's life happened in 7th grade. It was in Mr. Mattson's math class in Chelmsford, Mass. Peter was doodling instead of doing math, and Mr. Mattson asked him to stay after class. What happened then changed the direction of Peter's life.

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