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January 17, 2007

A Home in Palestine

Israel pulled out of Gaza more than a year ago, but residents there say they are anything but free. Israel retains a tight rein on the border. Palestinian militants continue to direct attacks outward towards Israel, but fighting has also turned inward, as Fatah and Hamas struggle for power.

Laila El-Haddad is a Palestinian journalist who divides her time between Gaza and Durham, N.C. She was in Gaza City this December when violence broke out between the two factions. Dick talks with Laila about the prospect of civil war in Gaza. He also hears what it's like to raise a child under occupation. Laila has a son, 2 ½ year old Yousuf, who is just now beginning to question what the fighting is all about.



Sometimes curiosity can lead you to the strangest places.  That's what happened to David Ignatius Norris when he got curious about the uncle he was named after. 

Dave knew his middle name, Ignatius, came from his mother's brother. Uncle Dave had served on a submarine during World War II. That submarine was presumed lost.

Dave was determined to learn more, and he did. He joins Dick to talk about life, loss, and solving the mystery of his middle name. 


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