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January 23, 2007

The Rebel Artist

Artist Anna Schuleit is on a mission to give voice to people who have been institutionalized and forgotten.

Anna won a 2006 fellowship from MacArthur Foundation for her large-scale installations using color and sound in historic sites and structures. During Anna's 2003 "Bloom" installation, she overlaid the floors of the former Massachusetts Mental Health Hospital with 28,000 flowers from around the world and piped in music through the hallways.

Anna tells Dick why her art is not for sale and how she once rebelled against her artist parents by announcing that she wanted to become a flight attendant.

Anna Schuleit is now a fellow at the Radcliffe Institute of Harvard University. 



Three years ago, Rachel Sassoon had an accident that left one of her feet in agony. The pain, she was told, was permanent. On top of her own condition, her father eventually fell gravely ill.

But in a way she still finds mystifying, she believes that her father's illness helped take her pain away. Her father died, but now Rachel is totally healthy and pain-free, and intends to become a doctor.

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