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January 08, 2007

The War At Home

President Bush is expected to announce changes in his Iraq strategy this week--changes which may increase the number of US troops serving in Iraq.

One woman who will be watching the President's announcement with particular anxiety is Stefani Barner. Her husband, Rob, is a technical sergeant in the Air National Guard, and he is about to head off for his second tour in Iraq.

Dick sat down with Rob and Stefani to talk about how Rob's returning to Iraq will affect their family. Both Rob and Stefani are against the war, but their shared perspective hasn't made conversations about the future any easier. 

Stefani, who considers herself a pacifist, dreams of Rob getting out of the military. She argued strenuously for Rob to leave last February, when Rob's cousin was killed in Iraq.

But Rob says he can't give up the financial security, or the personal reward he receives from helping protect his fellow servicemen.

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