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February 01, 2007

Leaving The Hospitalito

A little over a year ago, Hurricane Stan caused a mudslide that killed more than 800 people in Guatemala. Even this week, authorities in Guatemala are still uncovering bodies.

American doctors Jack and Bernadette Page were in Guatemala during the mudslide. At the time, they were midway through their two-year obligation to a small, volunteer hospital in Santiago, Atitlan. When the little hospitalito filled with mud, Jack and Bernie had to improvise - as they often did when their own medical procedures clashed with local customs and beliefs.

Listeners already know Jack and Bernie Page from the audio diaries they've kept for The Story of their experiences in Guatemala.

Now that they're home, they sit down with Dick Gordon for a few final stories. The mudslide turned out to be just one of many challenges - and now they have another.  Jack is returning to Guatemala.  Bernie is staying in the US.


Dick talked to the young Palestinian journalist Mohammed Omer during his last trip to the States. Now Mohammed is back home in Gaza. Dick checks in with Mohammed about how recent clashes between Hamas and Fatah factions in Gaza have impacted his life.

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