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February 21, 2007

School? Not.


The U.S. Department of Education estimates that over a million children are homeschooled and research shows that number is on the rise.

Less research has been done on a newer branch of home learning, known as "un-schooling." As many as 20,000 children who do not go to school, and follow no formal curriculum at home, could fall into this group.

Valerie Fitzenreiter's daughter Laurie never spent a day of of her childhood in a traditional classroom. When she was pregnant with Laurie, Valerie read a book called "Summerhill," about a progressive school in England where students were given such a vast amount of freedom they weren't even obligated to go to class. It changed her philosophy on parenting forever.  

If Laurie wanted to spend the entire day reading a book or playing computer games, Valerie allowed it.

I remember growing up feeling like I could try school if I wanted to. But I never remember wanting to.
- Laurie Chancey

Dick talks to Valerie and Laurie about life in an un-schooled household.

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