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March 23, 2007


Maggie and Madje

Maggie And Madge

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Greg Kelly

Like many Americans who are now middle-aged, Maggie Steber has to provide care for her aging mother. Complicating the matter is Maggie's profession: she's an award-winning photojournalist who's often traveling abroad. Another complication is that Maggie has always had a troubled relationship with her mother, Madje. And their relationship only got harder once Madje developed dementia. But after her mother's mental health started to decline, she tells Dick Gordon that something surprising happened:

Dementia has given me the mother I always wanted.  And it sounds cold to say it.  But what it did was allow me to grow closer to her again during the later years of her life.
- Maggie Steber

Maggie now photographs her mother as a way to help cope with the inevitable. Taking photos of Madje has allowed Maggie to see her mother in a new light: as a person instead of a parent. One of Maggie's favorite moments with her mother: driving around Miami with the radio going full blast and both of them singing, "I love you, a bushel and a peck…"

TOUGH JOB - Career Counselor

When a person is unemployed, they are in one of life's most stressful circumstances. Mario Davis's job is to talk to the unemployed, day in and day out, to help them find jobs. Mario himself was unemployed for a year before landing this job - it's the first he's ever held long enough to earn a paid vacation. Mario talks to Dick about the difficulties of helping people who are at their lowest to find employment.

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