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April 10, 2007

Home On The Road


A debate has been rekindled over how safe the trucking industry is. From produce to electronics, our need to get the goods faster and cheaper makes some truckers drive longer hours and take dangerous shortcuts.

At the same time, trucking regulators have rejected proposals to limit drivers' hours. Instead, they have softened the rules governing how long a trucker can be on the road.

Today, Dick talks with Phil Pouls. Phil was a long-haul trucker for 25 years. From arriving to pick up produce that hadn't yet been picked, to cooking macrobiotically on the road, Phil knows what life on the road is like. In fact, he lived in his truck for 6 years.

  • Learn more about the new study that may lead to saliva testing for "over-tiredness"
  • Find out more about the book that set Phil on his new path,"Recalled By Life" by Anthony Satillero 



Beirut, Lebanon, 1976. Two teenage boys, friends, stopped to get gas and groceries. Though they had different religions, they shared an interest in girls and martial arts. Authorities asked for identification. They separated, and never saw one another again. Remembering the story, they each recall the power of friendship and the bravado of youth.

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