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April 04, 2007

'Roid Rage


Performance-enhancing drugs are everywhere. This week, former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell announced that he's committed to completing his investigation into steroid abuse baseball within the coming months.

People who aren't athletes are also using steroids to slow down the aging process. A pharmacy raid in a Florida exposed people who use human growth hormone as "the new Botox" at anti-aging clinics.

Matt Alavi started using steroids when he was 23 to get a "little extra boost." Dick Gordon talks to Matt about the muscle magazine ad that motivated him, and how his manic behavior eventually saved his life.

I was pissed with my roommate who started me on steroids... I got the urge to just punch him in the head. But instead I punched a hole in the George Foreman grill and shattered that. I was thinking look what I've done to myself with this crap!
- Matt Alavi, former steroid user

Dick also talks to Jan Cairnes about increasing high school steroid prevention programs. She says that teenagers want their bodies to look a certain way and may not recognize the risks.

The sad thing to say here is that steroids work. And the kids hear that they work … and they know that they work ... However, the side effects are tremendous.
- Jan Cairnes

Jan Cairnes is an Addiction Prevention Professional at the Hanley Center in Florida.

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