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April 24, 2007

Unschooling Revisited


In February, Dick talked with Valerie Fitzenreiter about educating her daughter, Laurie Chancey, at home. Valerie allowed Laurie to study whatever and whenever she wanted. Laurie is now pursuing a PhD in sociology.

That program generated a lot of response from listeners, one of whom was Kate Walsh.

Kate is a retired teacher, who was less than enthusiastic about the idea of unschooling: "How charming, for people who don't need, or dismiss the aspect of, general education."

Kate joins Valerie in conversation with Dick today.

Is our solution to take all of the children out of school and have them all stay home? Of course not. Who in the world can do that? I'm asking you Valerie to think about using your great intelligence, and your creativity and your love for children to help other children too, so that some children can have the benefits that your daughter had.
-Kate Walsh to Valerie Fitzenreiter



Lynn Isenberg is a writer and a storyteller. But in last few years she turned her attention to the dead, especially after she went to the funerals of her father, and a year later, her brother.

For my brother's funeral, there was a professional singer that got up and sang a capella as per his pre-need wishes. And it completely changed the energy in the funeral service, from mourning a death to celebrating life. It just completely shifted the energy.
-Lynn Isenberg

Lynn now runs her own company called Lights Out Enterprises, which helps people plan their own funeral.


Boris Yeltsin, the first president of Russia after the fall of the USSR, died yesterday at age 76. Dick ended yesterday's program with reflections from his time as a reporter in Moscow when Boris Yeltsin was in power. He asked listeners to write in with their own memories of Yeltsin. 

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