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May 03, 2007

Congress V. The President


The scene is this: Congress and the president are clashing over a controversial and unpopular war. Funding bills are voted on, and the rhetoric is heated. 

If it sounds familiar, that's because it is: nearly 40 years ago the president was Richard Nixon, the war was Vietnam, and the major voice of dissent was that of Senator George McGovern.  

Senator McGovern joins Dick Gordon today to talk about how the political past mirrors the political present.

I think there was more courage then than there is today. There was more candor. There was more truthfulness. Both the search for truth and to speak the truth were stronger, I think. I wish there was more evidence of genuine, passionate opposition to this  war, the kind that we saw demonstrated in Vietnam. I don't know the explanation[for why] the American public has been largely silent about this war. 
- George McGovern

Dick Gordon talks to the former senator about his recollections of that time.


Lisa Morgan wrote in to tell us about a moment in her life that surprised her, and continues to touch her.

My mom and stepmother were the kind of arch-enemies usually only found in daytime TV.  When my mom was terminally ill, my stepmother committed an act of kindness that wasn't huge, but it still makes me cry.  
- Lisa Morgan

Lisa joins Dick to tell the story of her mother and stepmother.

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