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May 30, 2007

Dancing Through Revolution [5.30.2007]


Leili Pritschet's family descends from Iranian royalty. They were landowners, business owners, journalists and holy men. 

As a young girl, Leili learned to dance. Her training took her abroad, but she returned home to teach classical Iranian dance to the children of foreigners, principally Americans, living in the country.

Then came the Islamic Revolution in 1979. Leili was repeatedly interrogated and tortured. Her captors injured her joints and her feet, trying to destroy her ability to dance. After several attempts, she finally fled the country. 

Leili talks to Dick Gordon about her need to keep dancing and to forgive.



After a television consumer alert, Marilyn Furer decided to test her granddaughter's lunch boxes for lead. Out of 5 boxes, 3 tested positive. 

Then, last fall, she noticed her grandson sucking on his plastic bib. She tested the bib and to her shock discovered lead there as well. Marilyn recently led a successful charge to get the bibs recalled.




Linda Powell wrote to us about a moment which she says changed her life. She was living in a small town in Alaska. She was newly single, living away from her family, her children and her friends. She was about to turn 50 and felt invisible. She got depressed. But when she visited an elderly aunt, she discovered that her ancestors were among the original colonists, that they crossed America in wagon trains and served in two world wars.

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