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May 29, 2007

To Have A Friend


Jonathan Abrams founded Friendster - the first online social network to attract millions of users. The site was wildly successful after its launch in 2002, and by 2003, Jonathan faced two options: sell out to Google for $30 million, or partner with private investors.

Jonathan chose to partner, and in his eyes, things went downhill from there. By 2004, Friendster had been eclipsed by sites like MySpace and, more recently, Facebook.

Dick talks with Jonathan about what he learned from the success and later failure of Friendster, and how he plans to compete with a new social networking project in what has become a very crowded field.



Angie Anderson contacted us with her story, about a stranger she sees regularly on her commute to work.

Every morning, without fail, a little man stands beside the road in front of a ramshackle building and waves.  It's a small, low wave and he waves at every car that passes.
- Angie Anderson 

That man is Ricky Moses. Ricky stands by the side of a rural road in North Carolina and waves at the cars passing by. Dick traveled to Yates Store Road near Apex, N.C., to meet Mr. Moses, and learn why he waves.

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