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May 31, 2007

Two Moms


Vice President Dick Cheney had his picture in the paper last week, posing with his new grandson, Samuel. The picture had page one appeal partly because young Samuel has two mothers - Cheney’s daughter Mary and her long-time partner Heather, but mainly because grandfather Dick Cheney has a conservative political base that is often critical of same sex parents. Cheney doesn’t talk about the contradiction between his political base and his personal life; in fact, he’s said that questions about it are out of line.       

Catherine and Kathleen McAuley are expecting a baby boy next week. They've been together for 6 years; about 9 months ago, Catherine got pregnant through artificial insemination. Both moms are joyous, but the most typical reaction they encounter in other people is confusion: "How did you decide which one of you would get pregnant?" or "How will you explain the gay thing to your kid?"

Catherine and Kathleen talk to Dick Gordon about sharing the pregnancy and figuring out how to talk to other people about it.


Janet Lewis Muth wrote to The Story about two moments in her life, both centering on the same benevolent stranger. In 1991, Janet was traveling by train throughout Europe. Shortly after she boarded a train in East Germany, a man tried to steal her purse. Finally, she found someone who seemed friendly. He sat with her until she arrived at her stop safely. About all she knew about this kind stranger was that his name was Joao Paolo.

About a year later, Janet joined the Peace Corps and was posted to Cape Verde, a few hundred miles off the west African coast. Again, she found herself harassed by a man. He even showed up in her apartment. She screamed at him and he left. Then she received some devastating news from back home: one of her old college friends had died. Sad and upset, she went to a café to collect herself and saw a familiar face: Joao Paolo, the very man who helped her back in Germany. The stunning coincidence continues to inspire Janet's belief that no matter how difficult life gets, she is never alone.

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