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May 17, 2007

What's It Like To Be Autistic?


Autism is not a disease with red spots or a runny nose. It is a brain disorder. Autistic people absorb and process information differently than the rest of us. They prefer to live in a well-ordered environment, but the world is filled with chaos, a fact which makes life for autistic people even harder.

Autism diagnoses are on the rise in this country, partly because doctors are beginning to understand more about it.  Parents of autistic children often hear they have only a limited window of opportunity to act before their children could be "lost to autism."  Dave Spicer (left) didn't learn he was autistic until he was forty-six.  

Dave's son, Andrew, was tested and diagnosed as autistic. It was during Andrew's testing that Dave found the similarities of his son's condition and his own experiences to be uncannily similar.  So he asked for his own test and to his surprise, found that he himself was autistic.  

Dick talks with Dave about what it feels like to live with autism.

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