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June 12, 2007



National foreclosure rates are up 62% from this time last year. Nevada, Colorado, and Connecticut have seen the highest increases. In some communities, nearly 1 in 200 households are filing for foreclosure.

Shawn Howell lives in Kentucky. Just before he went to Iraq, he and his wife felt ready to buy a bigger house for their family. Both of them were working, and even before Shawn's combat pay kicked in, they could easily make the $1,100 monthly payment. It was also helpful to know that as long as Shawn was on active duty, there would be a cap on their interest rate.

Then Shawn came home. The interest cap went off and when his ARM, or adjustable rate mortgage, got 'adjusted', his payment increased to $1,400. Even with Shawn working two jobs and his wife running a home business, they simply couldn't make the payments. They also couldn't sell the house, and they couldn't talk the bank into accepting a different payment plan.  

Last summer, the foreclosure notice arrived. To avoid eviction, Shawn and his family left right before the sheriff's sale. Now they're living in a small mobile home. Shawn talks with Dick about the experience and his plans for the future.  

Tough Jobs - Taking Calls For The ACLU

The American Civil Liberties Union is a regular target in certain quarters: Bill O'Reilly has called the ACLU the #1 terrorist group in America, after Al Qaeda. It's an institution that has defended sex offenders, Nazis and prisoners.

Ian Mance is the guy who usually answers the phone at the ACLU office in Raleigh, NC. He's been called anti-American, accused of being pro-terrorist, and damned to hell.

As one man wrote to him: "Is it worth taking a chance of burning forever in an eternal flame?"

Dick Gordon talks to Ian about why he still likes his tough job.

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