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June 21, 2007

Gaza On The Couch

Gaza On The Couch

The Gaza Strip is one of the most violent and densely populated areas in the world - and half its population is under 16. Dr. Eyad Sarraj is a psychiatrist and human rights activist who works with the children of Gaza. 

For years now, he has dealt with the scarring impact that constant fighting with Israel has had on kids. But the recent fighting between Hamas and Fatah has been much harder for him to explain, both to children, and at times to himself. 

Dr. Sarraj talks with Dick about what it was like to live through the recent violence and how hard it is to maintain a professional distance when he hears stories from traumatized children.

Trash Talk

Ashley Menger is a software designer in Austin, Texas. When she read that the average person creates 2,300 pounds of garbage every year, she decided to see how much she could reduce her own output of waste. So she came up with some rules: she had to carry all her non-recyclable trash with her at all times for a period of two weeks. Ashley also blogged about her experiment to help inspire others.

Dick talks with Ashley about how much she ended up with (hint: paper napkins can't be recycled).


Two selections by Anouar Brahem from the album Le pas du chat noir; I Love Trash by Oscar The Grouch for the album Oscar's Trashy Songs 

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