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June 07, 2007



It has been 13 weeks since BBC reporter Alan Johnston was kidnapped by militants in Gaza. In Iraq, countless people, both foreigners and Iraqis, have been kidnapped, held hostage, and in many cases killed.

In 1985, Tom Sutherland was Dean of Agriculture at the American University of Beirut. On his way to campus one day, he was grabbed at gunpoint by men he didn't know, and shoved into the trunk of their car. It would be 6 and a half years before Tom would see the sun again.

Tom talks with Dick Gordon about how he was able to survive being chained to walls, deprived of light, and physically and psychologically abused. He also talks about how he recovered from the experience once he was free.

Tough Jobs - Joey Duhamel, Square Dance Caller

Over the course of The Story's life, Dick Gordon has to talked to a man who cleans up gruesome crime scenes, a parking lot attendant who deals with abusive drivers, and a stressed-out executive who thought he was dying on the job.

But this interview marks a first - square dancing isn't usually associated with tough jobs. But that's what it is, at least some of the time, for Joey Duhamel.

Joey lives in Baskin, Louisiana. He's been calling square dances for 26 years, and during that time, he's won a world record that wasn't recognized, seen the decline of square dancing (and job opportunities), and even witnessed a man having a heart attack while Joey was calling the dance.

Joey tells Dick Gordon some stories from the dance floor, and explains what has kept him at it for all these years.

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