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June 14, 2007

Reuniting The Class

Reuniting The Class

In 1997, the Dothan High School Class of '77 held its 20th reunion in Dothan, Alabama.

Actually, there were two reunions - one for white students, and one for black students. A few students went to both. Robert Dickens was the only black person at the white reunion. Bill Perkins was one of three white people at the black reunion.

With their 30th reunion coming up, Robert and Bill vowed to have one unified celebration. They talk with Dick Gordon about how a small misunderstanding led to 30 years of racial segregation, and how they ended up convincing their classmates to come together.

The reunion takes places this weekend.

Your Story - Tom Sivak

Tom Sivak contacted us recently about a strange twist in the story behind a gift he made for his grandmother when he was a boy.

Tom wanted to paint a red-headed woodpecker for his red-headed grandmother. But his classmates teased and teased him about his painting. By the time he gave it to his grandmother, he wanted little to do with it. She found a spot for it: on the wall of her outhouse.

Tom lost track of the painting after his grandmother died. But the painting recently found its way back to him. Tom talks to Dick Gordon about what the painting meant to him back then and what it means to him now.

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