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July 02, 2007

Amputee's Guide to Sex

Amputee's Guide To Sex

Jillian Weise was born with birth defects that deformed her right leg, foot and spine. As a child she underwent multiple corrective operations. But Jillian's parents never used the words 'handicapped' or 'disabled', and her operations were always followed by a big party welcoming her home. 

Then when she was 11, Jillian convinced her parents, her doctors and a psychologist that instead of having further operations, she wanted her leg amputated above the knee. She tells Dick Gordon it was the best (and easiest) operation she had ever had. Now walking on a high-tech prosthesis, Jillian has written a book of poems to counteract the perception that 'cripples' lead boring, asexual lives. It's called "The Amputee's Guide to Sex."

Another Honor For Joe

Joe Thompson, one of the greatest African American 'old-time' fiddlers in the South, has been named a National Heritage Fellow by National Endowment for the Arts.

Joe was born in 1918. His father and uncles were fiddlers who played for black and white audiences for weekend 'frolics'. Young Joe not only learned those songs - he performed them at Carnegie Hall.

Dick Gordon sits down with Joe in the studio and hears some of the songs and stories from his life.

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