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July 26, 2007

Glimpsing The Light

Glimpsing The Light

Every year, close to 43,000 Americans are killed in car accidents - nearly 120 every day.

John Kenneth (J.K.) Horne was almost one of them. In 1988, J.K., his 12-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son were in the deadliest type of car accident: a head on collision. The two men in the other car died instantly, but J.K. and his family survived - barely.

The last thing J.K. remembers is seeing an oncoming Porsche swerve out of control.

The next part of his story is hazy, but J.K. remembers floating peacefully towards a bright light until a nagging voice told him he must come back.

He awoke from unconsciousness to the sound of voices shouting that his daughter might not make it.

Although his nose had been sliced and some of his bones were broken, he could only think about his children.  J.K. tells his story to guest host Scott Jagow, and explains how he makes sense of his survival: he lived so that he might help his children.

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Gone For Good

When Tom VanderMolen and his brother were kids, their grandfather gave them $5 gold pieces as gifts. Later in life, Tom hid the coins and other valuable items in a place he thought a thief would never find. Then, after a series of operations, Tom forgot where his hiding place had been. By the time he remembered that he had hidden the gold in an old empty paint can, he had another memory - he and a friend had recently cleaned out the house and put a bunch of empty paint cans in the dumpster. Tom talks with Scott about what he gained spiritually from coming to grips with what he had lost.

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