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July 18, 2007

A Good Fit

A Good Fit

Countless towns across the U.S. have lost textile and apparel jobs as plants close or move overseas. No doubt about it: it's a dismal time in the American textile industry. 

Except in Megan Summerville's case. Megan always liked to sew. She got good at making intricate bodices and dance costumes - and that led to a job as an alterations specialist at a bra shop in her hometown of Austin, Texas. When she learned that one of the shop's suppliers, Specialty Made, was closing, she seized the opportunity and bought the company.

Megan now makes bras, and much more, out of her factory in Austin. She says contrary to what we believe, the American textile industry is bursting at the seams - it's just that the new markets are in smaller orders and custom-made clothing.

Guest host Scott Jagow talks with Megan about growing up sewing, the importance of wearing clothes that fit, and the rewards of helping other women. Megan specializes in bras for hard-to-fit sizes and women who have had mastectomies.

Bat Lady

Stephanie Reynolds wrote in to the show about a particularly dark time in her life. She had problems at work so severe she was contemplating hurting herself. 

Stephanie had a companion to keep her company at night during the most tormenting hours. That friend was a Big Brown Bat, named Belfry, whom Stephanie had adopted as an injured pet some time before. Belfry was affectionate, purred like a kitten and performed some tricks. Stephanie then took a more serious interest in bats.  She adopted more after Belfry died, and she has devoted herself part-time to bat rescue and bat education.

Her business card now says "Stephanie the Bat Lady: Bat Rescue Day or Night."

Scott Jagow talks to Stephanie about hanging out with bats, and he meets her newest bat companion, Sam.

Your Story - Scott Jagow

We're always looking for stories from you, moments in your life when you saw things from a totally new point of view. Given that this is Scott Jagow's first day hosting the show, he thought he'd offer up his own moment.

Scott always wanted to be a rock star. Trouble is, the only instrument he'd ever played was the clarinet, and that was in junior high. He eventually did get a real guitar, and one day, the chance came: Scott went on stage and sang one of his own songs. The result? Scott still has his day job as a reporter at Marketplace.

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