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July 30, 2007

Memory Tricks

Memory Tricks

Quick: Who were the first five presidents? What's your credit card number? Paul Mellor can tell you. Okay, he doesn't know your credit card number, but Paul can memorize dozens of digits in perfect order. He can memorize an entire deck of playing cards, too, in a matter of minutes. Paul will admit that he didn't always have a great memory. He learned how to strengthen his memory muscles in a book he found one day at the library. 

Paul now runs a company called Success Links in Richmond, Va., and teaches memory skills to police, students and businessmen. He also participates in the annual USA Memory Championship in New York. Paul speaks with Dick Gordon about these competitions, and even teaches Dick a trick or two.

Defying Dyslexia

It's estimated that 15% of Americans have some form of a learning disability. Tad Scott of Chapel Hill, N.C. is one of them. Throughout childhood he was terrified of taking spelling tests. Tad says he took hours to memorize words and his teachers thought he was slow and stupid. Tests later revealed that he was dyslexic, and a school counselor advised him to become a bricklayer.

Instead, Tad graduated college and is now a successful real estate entrepreneur.

Guest host Scott Jagow talks to Tad about how defying the stereotypes of dyslexia pulled him through two life-threatening illnesses.

Your Story - Touched By Kindness - Halima Voyles

Halima Voyles grew up in Pakistan, the daughter of a diplomat.

Last summer, she went back to one of her family's homes for a visit, and was disappointed in herself when she realized she couldn't remember any of the domestic staff's names.

But she'll never forget one staff member, the household driver, who showed her an incredible act of kindness that Halima continues to find both humbling and exemplary.

Though the man had very little, he gave Halima a shawl to say thank you.

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