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July 03, 2007

Voices In Conflict

Voices In Conflict

For her high school drama class this spring, teacher Bonnie Dickinson had what she thought was a compelling idea: she'd have her students create a play about the war in Iraq.

Barely two months into the project, her principal at Wilton High School in Connecticut told her that the play was biased and could not be produced.

Bonnie admits that she was intimidated and that she was ready to give in - but the story drew national attention and the ire of New York's theater community.

Eventually, the principal relented and let the students complete the project. The result is a play called "Voices in Conflict."

Dick talks to Bonnie Dickinson and two of the students who act in the play, Afton Fleming and Jimmy Presson. They express their own surprise at how successful the play has become, and their dismay at the backlash they've experienced from their school and community. 

The play is based on books, letters, articles and blogs and features the actual words of Iraqis and Iraq war veterans.

Bonnie, Afton and Jimmy also talk about the powerful friendships they have formed with both veterans and the families of deceased veterans who come to the performances.

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