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July 19, 2007

To Walk A Mile

To Walk A Mile

When Stephen Barrett was a child, he developed a neurological disorder that made him weak and shaky. He wasn't able to walk more than a few paces, and only then with the help of a railing - or his brother.

He went to numerous doctors, where specialists gave him a bouquet of diagnoses and prescribed physical therapy as the only treatment.

Then in his late 20s, Stephen took a prescription drug for another health issue.  A week later he felt the urge to stretch his legs. He started walking, and he hasn't needed the wheelchair since.

Barrett talks to guest host Scott Jagow about his disability - and how his world changed when he no longer had one.

Note: We heard from a lot of people wanting to know the name of the drugs Stephen Barrett took. The brand name is Sinemet. It’s a combination of the compounds carbidopa and levodopa.  (Levodopa (or L-Dopa) is the drug featured in the book and movie 'Awakenings.')

Small Claims King

When telemarketers wouldn't leave Derek Monroe alone, he sued. When a grocery store wouldn't give Derek a refund and an apology for spoiled milk, he sued again. Same thing when an auto parts store wouldn't honor a five dollar coupon.

Derek wrote in to The Story to tell us about his small claims adventures - which are no small matter - he's filed nearly 30 claims in seven years. He talks with Scott Jagow about why he keeps going back to court.

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