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August 16, 2007


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Father Michael Doyle

Civil Disobedience

Civil Disobedience

In the early morning hours of August 22, 1971, Father Michael Doyle and 27 other mostly Catholic priests and lay people were caught destroying draft records inside the federal courthouse in Camden, N.J. It was an act of nonviolent civil disobedience to protest what Father Doyle and the others considered the immoral war in Vietnam. 

The trial of the so-called Camden 28 took place in 1973 and ended 3 ½ months later in a complete exoneration of all of those charged. But along the way, Father Doyle had to deal with the discovery that a member of the group, a parishioner, had been responsible for betraying them to the FBI.

Later, that same parishioner wrote an affidavit saying the FBI had helped him encourage the break-in, and supplied him with most of the tools to do it. Father Doyle talks with guest host Aaron Henkin about lessons he gained from opposing the war in Vietnam.

Grandma Gets The Lead Out

This summer has seen a wave of manufacturer recalls, including children's toys and baby bibs. Today we'll hear the story of a grandmother who discovered lead in her grandchildren's bibs and led a charge to get them off the shelves. After she saw a television consumer alert about lead in lunch boxes, Marilyn Furer decided to test her granddaughter's lunch boxes. Out of 5 boxes, 3 tested positive. Then, last fall, Marilyn noticed her grandson sucking on his plastic bib. She tested the bib and to her shock discovered lead there as well.

Listener Follow Up - Bullying

Brittain Storey heard our last listener follow-up story on bullying, and she couldn't help but be reminded of a fellow she knew in high school who was bullied constantly. Brittain herself never bullied him - but she also never stood up for him. She tells Aaron what she wishes she had done differently.

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