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August 01, 2007

Hope Of Escape [8.1.2007]

Hope Of Escape

For the last two weeks, South Koreans have held vigils in support of aid workers held captive in Afghanistan. The bodies of two have already been found.

Three years ago in Iraq, James Brandon was kidnapped from a hotel room in Basra. At the time, he was working as a foreign correspondent. He repeatedly told his captors, in Arabic, that he was a journalist - but it made no difference. Fearing for his life, James managed to escape the first night, but he was recaptured.

Host Dick Gordon spoke with James Brandon last summer about his ordeal, and how it made him question his dedication to working as a journalist in the Middle East. At the time of their conversation, James was still reporting. He has since moved on to a think tank, although he still focuses his research on Muslims and the Middle East.

Inside The Mind Of A Suicide Bomber

A young Jordanian man lives the good life in California until he's recruited by a radical Muslim group. The only thing his family notices is that he's grown a beard. Then, one day, they receive a phone call. The caller offers congratulations for fathering a martyr. Their son had become a suicide bomber. 

Since September 11, 2001, BBC reporter Peter Taylor has reported exclusively on al-Qaeda. He has spent extensive periods of time with the families and loved ones of suicide bombers. And he talks to the would-be bombers themselves - including one young man who was on his way to Iraq.  Peter Taylor shares his insight into the minds of suicide bombers with host Dick Gordon.

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