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August 22, 2007



Families in Utah are beginning to resign themselves to the fact that 6 trapped miners may be lost forever in the Crandall Canyon Mine. Pamela Campbell has been through this before. In January of 2006, she stood at the opening of Sago Mine in West Virginia with her sister and nephew. She expected her brother-in-law to walk out of the mine at any moment laughing, but he never did. Pamela talks with Dick about what it was like to find out that 12 of the 13 trapped miners, including her brother-in-law, had died, and how her life has changed since.

Woven Together

When a massive earthquake hit Peru last week, Wilbur Quispe was one of thousands evacuated from his home. Unlike many others, Wilbur and his family made it through unharmed.  Wilbur is no stranger to good luck. When he was just a child, both of Wilbur's parents died. He left his village to find work and ended up on the streets, poor, cold and hungry. When he tried to return home, he found out the Shining Path, a guerilla organization, had overtaken his village and killed three men. Fearfully, Wilbur fled - and in the process, he lost the small satchel that held his few possessions.

Here is where Wilbur's luck turned. He saw a woman on the street and asked her for help. She took him into her home and fed him. That night a young man arrived at the house. So much time had passed that Wilbur didn't even recognize him: it was his older brother, Charlie.

Charlie taught Wilbur how to weave, and eventually Wilbur started to make a comfortable living with his craft. Then, he entered a period where no one would buy his handwoven rugs. That's when Wilbur met another woman who would change his life: Melanie Ebertz.

Melanie runs an organization that helps Wilbur sell his rugs around the world. And Melanie, along with members of her family, has now established a foundation to help people in Wilbur's home village, Paccha.


Ballad of Spring Hill (Spring Hill Disaster) by Peter, Paul And Mary for the album A Song Will Rise; Peruvian Folk Song by Scott Morris for the album Danza

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