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August 29, 2007


Scott and Tiffany smiling
Scott Smiley and his wifeTiffany now (Scott uses prosthetic eyes)

Soldier Of The Year

Scott Smiley had just graduated from West Point when he married his high school sweetheart, Tiffany, in 2003. Eight months later he was sent to Iraq, where he was injured by a suicide car bomb. It wasn't until he was back at Walter Reed that Scott learned he had been permanently blinded. But when Tiffany was approached in the hospital to sign the papers for his medical retirement, she said no. She wanted to wait until he had recovered enough to make the decision himself.

Scott didn't retire, and is proud of Tiffany for standing up for him. He believes soldiers like him should be given the chance to serve their country by staying in the military. This summer, the Army Times selected Scott as its 2007 Soldier of the Year. Scott and Tiffany talk to Dick about how they made it through Scott's recovery - and they share their happiness about their new son, Grady.

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