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September 07, 2007


young man hitting a tennis ball
Dejon Bivens

Courage On The Court

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Anita Woodley

Courage on the Court

This weekend, tennis fans around the world will watch the finals of the U.S. Open. Among them will be Dejon Bivens, a tennis player and freshman at North Carolina State University. Dejon fell in love with tennis in high school, earned the No.1 ranking for an 18- year-old in North Carolina, and steadily moved up the list of Top 100 Junior National players in the country.

Dejon talks to Dick Gordon about how he has overcome a difficult family life - and how he persevered to win the N.C. Junior Davis Cup.

Dejon's foster mom, Deborah Foster-Smith also joins Dick to talk about how Dejon's smile persuaded her to let him move in, and what she has done to help him along the way.

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