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September 03, 2007


6 smiling poeple, Ms. Taylor in the middle
Five of Mrs. Taylor’s family members double as staff at Family House. Her granddaughter, Joi Cordelia, is being mentored to take over when Mrs. Taylor retires.

Home Sweet Nursing Home


In America, nursing homes are in high demand - there are only 17,000 slots for the 1.6 million seniors who can no longer live on their own. Overcrowding is common. Patients often talk of insensitive staff. Staff, on the other hand, talk of low pay and high stress. But Cordelia Taylor has found a way to offer homelike care to seniors.

As a nurse, Cordelia Taylor was unhappy with how many elderly people were treated. So she quit her job, sold her housed and moved into an old, derelict neighborhood so she could afford to open her own nursing home, called "Family House." Cordelia says "Family House" has become far more than an elder care program. It's become a hub for community revitalization.


Tom Currie was out in the yard on the night of an eclipse, shooting the breeze with his neighbor, when the discussion turned to his neighbor's work with animals. Tom had a flash of inspiration - he didn't have enough space for cows, but he was going to try to raise goats. Tom then got involved with Heifer International, an organization that gives away animals to families in need. Tom talks with Dick about how raising and giving away goats has changed his life.


I Love My Goats by Caliche Con Carne for the album Goat Songs 2 the Flesh

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