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September 18, 2007

Learning To Kick

Learning To Kick

For 30 years, Kathy Hopwood has shown people how to defend themselves and get out of danger. She tells her students that she herself has escaped several attempted attacks by using simple moves derived from martial arts - like punching, kicking and yelling.

Today Kathy is highly-trained, but the first time she used those skills she was just a kid relying on instinct. When she was 11, Kathy entered the car of a man she didn't know. Once inside, he threatened to assault her. Kathy kicked and screamed until she finally escaped unharmed.

Kathy talks with Dick Gordon about what led her to focus her career on self-defense and avoiding violence - and how she uses art to deal with the pain she hears in the stories of survivors.

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Your Story - The Trilobite

Teresa Elward and her husband moved 15 times in 18 years. Then one day, Teresa saw that her childhood home was up for sale. She and her husband bought the house, and on the day they moved in, she saw something on the mantel that made the hair on the back of her neck stand up: a fossil that had always sat on her parents' shelves while she was growing up, and had remained there through subsequent owners. For Teresa, it felt as though the fossil was waiting all these years for her return.


Trilobite by Robyn Hitchcock for the album Mossy Liquor: Outtakes and Prototypes

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