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September 04, 2007

Made In America

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Made In America

Mike Whitworth owns Whittle Shortline Railroad, a maker of wooden trains like The Little Engine That Could, Chicago's own Metra Passenger Train Set and AMTRAK replicas. Mike's business is based in Missouri. Mike says two weeks ago his business was up 40% - now it's up closer to 60% in the wake of the news that lead paint has been found on many children's toys manufactured in China. Dick Gordon talks with Mike about how the news is changing his toy business. A few days ago, Mike got a call from a Chinese firm. The caller asked if they could outsource some of their toy making to Mike's factory. Mike thought it was a prank call from his son, who speaks fluent Chinese, but the call was legitimate and Mike is mulling the request.

Living With Tics

Tom Johnson wrote to The Story to tell us that it is at this time of the year - the start of the school year - that he is most in awe of his son, Campbell. Campbell Johnson is a 12-year-old kid who attends middle school, plays in the band, enjoys soccer, and is active in his local church youth group - just like anyone else his age. Yet Campbell has incorporated into his life a neurological disorder that can be difficult to control and is often misunderstood: Tourette Syndrome.

Campbell talks to Dick about what it's like to have Tourettte's, and how he explains it to adults and other kids. His parents, Tom and Stephanie, talk about the roller coaster of discovering Campbell's Tourette's, and how they have learned to appreciate it.


The Little Engine That Could by Burl Ives for the album Burl Ives Sings Little White Duck (And Other Children's Favorites)

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