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October 03, 2007


Wanda's son, Jeremy
Photo is copyright Tammy Cromer-Campbell

Don't Drink The Water

Don't Drink The Water

People in DeBerry, Texas have been drinking, cooking with, and bathing in bottled water for two years. Tests by industry and the EPA have confirmed their well water is unfit for use because it's contaminated, most likely from nearby oil and gas waste disposal sites.

Dick Gordon talks with Rev. David Hudson, who has become the lead advocate for the community, about the piles of paperwork he's gone through searching for someone who will be accountable.

One woman who has given David some ideas is Phyllis Glazer. Ten years ago, she and her former neighbor Wanda Erwin led a successful campaign to close a chemical waste facility in their town of Winona, Texas. The facility caused severe contamination that led to bizarre illnesses and possibly some deaths.

The two neighbors join Dick to talk about their fight and how their experiences can help David and others like him - people who are fighting to get their land and water cleaned up. One of Phyllis' most successful ideas was to print posters with the image of Wanda's son, Jeremy.

That photo went on to inspire the photographer, Tammy Cromer-Campbell, to document the story of Winona and other communities like it.

Ahmed's Diary

Ahmed has gotten used to hearing about friends and colleagues who have been killed. But he is still shaken by the news. When a young friend, Khalid, was killed recently, Ahmed learned some new lessons about Iraq.

World's Fastest Drummer

Judy Okamoto called in to tell us about her husband, Eric. Seems that Eric Okamoto has taken his passion for drumming to the extreme. He currently holds a record as the world's fastest drummer.

Like any other athlete, Eric says he trains for months before he competes in the drumming competitions. And now, all that work has paid off.

Eric talks with Dick about his speed drumming titles, and he demonstrates how he hits more than a thousand beats per minute.

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