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October 17, 2007

Giving Up The Bronze

Giving Up The Bronze?

Passion Richardson and Marion Jones were competitors. They ran against one another in the Olympic Trials - each seeking to represent the United States in the 100 meter run at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. But they were also teammates on the relay team - Passion ran in the first two rounds, but Marion Jones replaced her for the finals, in which the team took the bronze medal.

Now that Marion Jones has admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs, the U.S. Olympic Committee has asked that Passion return her medal as well.

Passion has said that she will not voluntarily return the medal.

Dick Gordon talks to Passion about the moment she found out that Marion cheated, and also about her life as an athlete. Passion lived for a time in Alaska and recalls shoveling snow off the track in order to race. 

Gaining The Silver?

Dick also speaks with Tayna Lawrence. Tayna won the bronze for Jamaica in the sprints in Sydney. She worked hard to get there, working at a daycare in the morning and training in the afternoon.

With Marion's confession, Tayna may now be awarded the silver. But she says the moment is lost - nothing can give her what she should have won seven years ago. Still, as she tells Dick, the bronze she did win was like gold to her - and more precious than any other medal.

Listener Follow-Up - 500 Things

Grant Baciocco heard Dick Gordon's conversation with Chris McNaught, a man who was in the process of paring down the items he owns to 500 things. Chris, who says he was inspired by someone else, has now inspired Grant to begin his own quest.

Grant says he is going to whittle down his belongings to just 600 things. This will be a feat for Grant - he has spent many years collecting comic books, various toys, and countless odds and ends.  Grant is blogging about this experience, and he is sharing each update via video from his house.


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