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October 26, 2007

Meteor Hunter

Meteor Hunter

This weekend, a major auction house is devoting an entire auction to meteorites. One, named the "Williamette", is expected to go for more than a million dollars.

Marvin Killgore can appreciate the sale. He's a meteorite hunter, collector and dealer. His hunts have taken him all over the world: Siberia, South America, Morocco. In Siberia, he took his metal detector into the forest. On his way out, he saw Siberian tiger tracks covering his own. He tells Dick that the challenge is to not only find the meteorites, but to figure out how to get them home.

Marvin is an accidental meteorite hunter. A high school drop-out, he began his working life as a plumber, then became a miner who just happened to hunt for gold nuggets on the weekends. Though he began as a meteorite prospector, his love for the rocks has overtaken his life, and he is advocating that the science community pay attention and conserve the diminishing stores of meteoric content.

Keep on Looking

Eric Blake was digging at a diamond park this week and he found a 3.92 white carat stone. But it wasn't under the ground - it was sitting there on the surface, just waiting to be seen. Eric digs at Arkansas' Crater of Diamonds State Park, the only one in the nation that allows the public to dig for gems, three times a year. He has found several diamonds in the past. This is the largest he's found, and one of the largest ever found at the park.

His fiancée and daughter also found gems this week, but Eric has already bought her engagement ring, so this rock will decorate a finger other than the one on her left hand.

One Way Through

Charlie Simpson's family has been farming in Jefferson County, Missouri for a very long time. His great grandfather moved there in 1896. Charlie is the 4th generation farmer, and his son, who works the farm now, is the 5th generation.

But this year, the weather has hit Charlie hard. This latest drought comes on the heels of a string of bad weather incidents. Charlie says the creek in town is the lowest he's ever seen it.

So, Charlie is building himself a field of dreams - but it's not a baseball field, it's a corn maze. The family has over 7 miles of trails that meander through the corn.


Contact by Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnatti Pops Orchestr for the album Mega Movies; Field of Dreams by Mark Ayres for the album Titanic - The Essential James Horner Film Music Collection

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