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October 04, 2007

Sputnik Kids

Sputnik Kids

50 years ago today, the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the first man-made object to orbit the earth.

At the time, Tom Ward was a student in East Los Angeles. Although his school didn't have great math and science programs, the launch of Sputnik convinced him he had a future career in the space program. He spent long hours gazing up at the sky, straining to see Sputnik.

Later, the U.S. government pumped more funding into math and science programs. Tom went on to get several degrees, became a professor, and ended up working for the Department of Energy's space program.

And that's where he met Dr. Alexander Rimski-Korsakov. Alex grew up at the same time Tom did, but in Russia. Dick talks to both men about how Sputnik shaped their lives, and what it's like to now work with someone from the other side.

More E-mails, Less Spam?

Earlier this week, Dick Gordon asked for your solutions to unwanted e-mail, better known as spam. We got a number of responses. Some people said that they just don't use e-mail anymore. Some people said they go further than that - they actually don't use the computer anymore.

But Roger Windsor has a different approach. He actually decided that the way to lessen his spam was to get more e-mail addresses. He has 100. And he says his strategy is working.

Listener Follow-Up - Tourette's

Jim Eckblad was driving in Milwaukee when he heard Dick's interview with Campbell Johnson about growing up with Tourette Syndrome. He had to pull the car over and listen. The condition Campbell was describing sounded very familiar.

Jim tells Dick that the program affected him so profoundly that he ended up going to the doctor, where he was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome himself.


Sputnik (song for Laika)by Sputnik for the album Meet Sputnik; Flight of the Bumble-Bee by Itzhak Perlman for the album Itzhak Perlman's Greatest Hits

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