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November 23, 2007

Memory Tricks


Quick: Who were the first 5 Presidents? Name all the foods you had for Thanksgiving dinner. What's your credit card number? Paul Mellor can tell you. Ok, he doesn't know your credit card number, but Paul can memorize dozens of digits in perfect order. He can memorize an entire deck of playing cards, too, in a matter of minutes. Paul will admit that he didn't always have a great memory. He learned how to strengthen his memory muscles in a book he found one day at the library. 

Paul's hobby has become his business and he teaches memory skills to police, students and businessmen. He also participates in the annual USA Memory Championship in New York. Paul speaks with Dick Gordon about these competitions, and even teaches Dick a trick or two.


Many of us are flying around this weekend - it's the start of the holiday travel season. If you're traveling, hold on to your luggage! Stevie Ray Griffin is the guy who deals with the luggage once there's been an issue with a flight. Stevie Ray delivers "delayed" luggage to passengers out of the Raleigh-Durham Airport five days a week, driving over 400 miles a night in his Honda Civic van. Dick Gordon talks to Stevie Ray about the occupational hazards of luggage delivery in the wee hours of the morning.


Memories Are Made From This (Karaoke Version) fromn the CD As Made Famous By: Dean Martin; Don't You Forget About Me by the Simple Minds for the album '80s Gold

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