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November 16, 2007


Corey with long dreadlocks blowing in the breeze
Corey Harris
Aaron Hawkins

The Music Of Corey Harris

The Music Of Corey Harris

Corey Harris has spent his career exploring the roots of African American music. Blues, reggae, and pop music from Cameroon and Mali - all of it is part of his musical palette. It's been an enthralling journey for someone who grew up in suburban Colorado. Corey is convinced that music has the ability to both confront and transcend history. Corey recently received a $500,000 MacArthur grant.

Music heard in this story: Selections from Corey's CD Downhome Sophisticate, including Santoro, F'Shizza (Santoro Remix) and BB. We also played music from Corey's new album, Zion Crossroads, including Walter Rodney and You Never Knew.

Other music in the story includes Happy Soul Time by Bill Doggett; Long Gone Lonesome Blues by Hank Williams for the album 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Hank Williams; and Rock Me Baby (The Rosengarten) by B. B. King for the album How Blue Can You Get?: Classic Live Performances, 1964-1994.

Listener Follow-Up - Jane Fonda's Legacy

Karen Graven was listening to our show on Jane Fonda's legacy when she realized that the story Carol Espel was telling sounded similar to her own. Karen calls herself an exercise freak, and she lived in L.A. at the height of the high-impact aerobics craze. She tells Dick how it feels to hear that others are also suffering after so many years of feeling the burn. Like Carol, she sought hip replacement at a young age. Now, at age 45, she can't even jump rope with her kids.


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