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November 19, 2007

Real Estate For The Saints

Real Estate For The Saints

Like many in the real estate business these days, Ardell DellaLoggia has been struggling with the ongoing downturn in the home-buying market. She's a real estate agent in the Seattle area, and on two occasions over the years has turned to an unlikely source of help for her and her clients: statues of St. Joseph. Some might say that burying the statue of a saint beneath a "For Sale" sign is sacrilegious. But Ardell tells Dick Gordon that when the person doing the burying has the proper devotion, the saint will reward those who work hard to buy or sell a property.

Rescuing Lemoni

Sharon Waller went on vacation with her husband to a little island in the Aegean Sea off the coast of Greece. She quickly noticed that there were a striking number of cats on the island - so many that she began to talk to the locals about it. She also noticed a lack of dogs. She did spot one little dog wandering around. After someone explained to her that almost all of the dogs on the island are routinely poisoned, she began to wonder what was going to happen to this one. 

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