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November 21, 2007


Jill walking with a cane and her son
Hill Hollis and her son, Joel
Cliff Hollis

Thanks Giving

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Thanks Giving

About a year ago, Jill Hollis appeared on The Story for the first time to talk about her experience with ALS - Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig's Disease. It has been a very full year for Jill. She has been on some wonderful trips, has spent rejuvenating time at the beach near her home, and she continues to be active in her church. Things are changing, though.

Jill now uses a cane all the time. Although her faith still soars, she struggles with emotional ups and downs, and discouraging fatigue. After a few down days this fall, Jill finally made an appointment with a psychologist. He, and her daughter Megan's new puppy Marzi, have really helped lift Jill's spirits.

She talks with Dick Gordon about her changing views of life with the disease, and as always, shares some of the wisdom she's gaining along the way.


Consumer Reports is advising the public not to buy or give giftcards - last year alone, they say, 8 billion dollars in gift cards went unspent. Dick Gordon asked what you thought about the phenomenon, and today we hear from several different listeners - each with a story to tell. Erica Poole loves to spend the cards, though her own parents have held a card she gifted to them for ten years. Florida's David Davial works at WalMart - where he came face-to-face with a gift card scammer.


Gravy Waltz by Oscar Peterson & Ray Brown for the album The Essential Oscar Peterson

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