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December 19, 2007

Bacon Salt

A softball to the face and a shot of bourbon with a side of fried bacon - how did this combination lead to the American dream?

Dave Lefkow and Justin Esch were just two regular guys with regular jobs, until one of them mentioned that everything should taste like bacon. Justin had a conversation with his brother at a Jewish-military wedding where he suggested that everyone, including the kosher, should be able to taste delicious bacon.


Justin is from Telluride, CO, a place where bacon holds a special place in the hearts of many, and the home of a bourbon drink that features a slice of bacon dangling out of the glass like a garnish - the Mitch Morgan.

Justin and Dave got to chatting about what they would invent over a couple of beers one night during a business trip, and Justin said the magic words, "everything should taste like bacon!" One America's Funniest Home Video later, the two began their quest to create salt … that tastes like bacon.



If you listen to holiday shopping commercials, chances are you've heard a tune or jingle by composer Brian Banks.

Brian has crafted catchy themes for more than 500 companies including Mattel, IBM, Kodak, Cisco and  Morgan Stanley. Dick Gordon talks to Brian about how to create a melody that makes people want to spend money and what life is like around the office when you can't get a jingle out of your head.

  • Explore Brian's music world on his website, Ear to Ear
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