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December 28, 2007

Turtle Tales

David Carroll was 8 years old when his family moved from a railroad town in central Pennsylvania to rural Connecticut. It was the first time he'd ever encountered a world where beyond his street there was something other than another street.  

One day, he wandered into a nearby swamp and saw a turtle. That moment would transform his life.

David is now a renowned naturalist, artist, author and conservationist.

Last year, he was awarded a MacArthur fellowship of $500,000. But his greatest pleasure is still tramping through a swamp in search of his beloved turtles.  


Steven Peer hates untidy dog parks, so much so that he's led several campaigns to clean up poop at his local dog park. 

For one plan Steven hatched last Christmas, he placed over a dozen droppings in green bags, sealed them with a little red bow and left them on the ground. He hoped the untidy owners would notice the problem. They didn't.

On a trip to Minnesota where Steven lives, Dick Gordon met him and walked around a snowy dog park to hear about the problem. At that point, Steven said most of his ideas had failed - lights, bags, and even posters. These days, though, Steven is finally seeing the park get cleaned up.

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